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Posts Categorized: Family Law

Financial agreement

Is a Financial Agreement right for you?

A financial agreement is commonly referred to as a “prenuptial agreement”. However, these agreements can be executed before, during or after a relationship. A financial agreement allows couples to negotiate how they will divide their assets on their own terms without involving a court. It avoids: – the cost and stress of arguing over a property settlement in the event of separation; […]

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Relocating with children

Relocating with children after separation

When one parent considers relocating with children after a separation, it can cause conflict and stress for both parents. A parent may consider relocating with children: – for a fresh start; – to move closer to family and support; – for a job; – for a new relationship. Relocating with children will cause a significant change to the current co-parenting […]

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De Facto

De Facto Relationships and Protecting your Property

Under Australian law, when a de facto relationship ends the rules for dividing up property are the same as for married couples. It is important to consider whether or not you are in a de facto relationship. If the relationship was to break down,  there could be significant financial consequences for you. What is a de facto relationship? The Family […]

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Family Law

How to choose the right Family Lawyer

Finding the right Family Lawyer for you is essential. Going through a separation can be an emotional time. Sorting out a parental plan and property settlement can add stress and anxiety. You need a lawyer who you trust and feel comfortable with. A lawyer who you know has the experience and knowledge to support you. We’ve developed a list of […]

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Are you ready for Divorce?

Finding yourself in a broken marriage and facing divorce can leave you emotional & confused. There are laws to ending a marriage, as well as the task of property settlement and parenting plans. There are a number of requirements which must be met before the court will make a divorce order. In Australia, the only ground for divorce under the Family Law Act […]

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Everything you need to know about Property Settlement

Property settlement is the division of your property between yourself and your partner after separation. Your property might include the family home, car, bank accounts and even your superannuation. When do we need to sort out our property? If you are (or have been) married: Your property settlement can happen at any time before divorce, or within 12 months after […]

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Life after divorce

How to get through life after divorce

Life after divorce can be emotional and stressful. Divorce is a difficult time for you and your ex partner. No divorce is ever the same – you may feel sad, angry, confused… or you could feel happy and free. No two people are the same. No one can tell you how to feel, but the important thing is to remember […]

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Property Settlement

One Property Settlement mistake you DON’T want to make!

Dealing with a relationship breakdown is an emotional time. Often separation gets messy and you need a lawyer to help you reach an agreement with your former partner that both of you can live with. There are many things you’ll need to sort out, including property settlement. But, what if your separation isn’t messy? What if you’re both on the […]

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Under Family Law who counts as a parent?

Family Law- IVF and Surrogacy has changed the rules on who counts as a parent I’m sure you thought that the question of who is a parent was fairly obvious. Recent new technologies such as IVF and surrogacy, have muddied the waters on something that used to be very clear. Here is a recent article published by the Law Society of […]

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