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Making a Will is not only for the wealthy or elderly. If you have a home, superannuation or other assets, then it’s important that you protect both your family and your life’s work upon your passing.

Your life can change in a moment. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses may strike without warning. Don’t make your loved ones suffer more, ensure that you have the proper legal documents in place.

Protect yourself, your assets, and your family’s future. If you die without a Will your family must submit to the court’s decision on how your estate is divided and distributed. That means even if you tell your child you want them to have your wedding band, they may not receive it. It could be sold to pay off outstanding debts.

Your Will has the potential to go far beyond simply listing out which assets you want to leave to which family members.

You can also include a Power of Attorney to protect your interests if you no longer have mental capacity.

An Enduring Guardianship allows you to appoint someone to protect your lifestyle and health decisions.

You may find yourself contesting a Will. This can be a stressful time, a decision that needs a great deal of council before moving forward.

Perhaps someone close to you or a family member has passed away. You may have questions regarding the deceased estate. You may also have questions about receiving Probate or the rights and obligations of an Executor of a Will.

This is a difficult, emotional time but at the same time, you need clarity to protect your interests.

Would you benefit from talking to Patrick Sheridan for 10 minutes to resolve your most immediate questions? Patrick will review your situation and give you the practical advice you need right now.

The answer will help determine the best course of action for you, your family and your future.

Ask Patrick your questions today.

“You did very well in helping us, explaining all the details and ensuring that we understood all that we were signing. It made it easy and gave us so much confidence” Syd and Pam S (November 2017)