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Liquor License

Your next business venture involves the business of selling alcohol in NSW.

To own a licensed premise you must operate in a responsible way in an acceptable location. You must understand your obligations and ensure your processes met with the laws regulating the sale of liquor in NSW.

Regardless of the type of licence you require, our expertise is to make the process as simple and commercially viable as possible.

Your licence will have conditions imposed to ensure community life. Many of these conditions are considered general. Yet, some are specific to each individual application. It is these specific conditions that require dedicated legal attention. Such conditions have the potential to impact the economies of your venture.

The key here is to work within the law while ensuring your commercial venture remains viable.

Patrick Sheridan offers legal advice in the sale and purchase of freehold and leasehold for bottle shops, pubs (including poker machine entitlements), restaurants and motels in NSW.

You need a lawyer with the experience and resources to assist you with liquor licensing applications and modifications. Property sales and transfers normally go hand in hand with licensing transactions, such as freehold transfers, and leasing options.

Today, you probably have questions about your liquor licence issues. These may include; making an application, transfers, acquisitions, and sales. You may want advice on drafting hotel and motel leases or the application of lease conditions. Occasionally, we get asked about the removal and relocation of a liquor license.

Our service is based on the quality of our advice and our understanding of your need for a speedy outcome. Our experience is in liaising with local council, licensing officers and other relevant bodies to obtain approval for your liquor licence and gaming application.

Talk to us today to get a better understanding of how we can help you with the NSW liquor licensing laws.