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Estate Planning

Estate Planning, yes you can put it off until another day, when you have time, but why would you risk it?

Life can change dramatically without notice. One minute you are living your life as you always have, working and spending time with your family, then suddenly an accident or illness strikes. Your life has changed forever.

Have you prepared for that moment? It’s important that you protect your family and your assets so that they are taken care of. Sadly, life-altering events have the potential to strike without warning. Avoid unnecessary trauma and stress by preparing your estate.

Estate Planning is the process of preparing the disposal of your estate. Estate Planning involves Wills, trusts, Power of Attorney, property ownership, and more. The ultimate goal is to provide the specific wishes for your estate distribution while you still have the faculties to make those decisions.

Making a Will isn’t something that only wealthy or elderly people should do. Everyone should have a Will so that their family and your life’s work are protected. The passing of a loved one is a sad, grief-filled time. Don’t add the additional burden and complications of a legal struggle to sort out your estate. Make a Will, so you can ensure your loved ones receive everything you wish to leave to them.

To ensure you are properly taken care of should an accident or illness happen that leaves you incapacitated, create a Power of Attorney. This ensures your loved one can take care of your finances and make decisions on your behalf. In addition, creating an Enduring Power of Guardianship allows a loved one to make medical decisions on your behalf.

While you cannot prepare for everything, you can prepare your estate to avoid unnecessary trauma to your family if something unfortunate happens.

Get the legal advice you and your loved ones deserve. Contact us to get started planning your estate today.