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Property Development

Property development is a complex commercial endeavour that requires a strategic plan and effective legal advice. Profitable property development is a high risk, high return business.

The smallest issues can halt progress. If you are considering property development, you need a lawyer well versed in this area. Experience and expertise count enormously in property development.

Whether you are planning to develop your property or acquiring property for development, it can be a complicated procedure. Especially if this is all new to you. If you¬†have not been through the process previously then get legal advice from the beginning, don’t wait till problems find you.

You need experts to guide you through the complicated process including expert legal advice, to ensure that you maximise your return on the development. Often there is a fine line between a typical and profitable, development. The difference can sometimes be a result of delays caused by not knowing the procedure and the timing of stages of the project. How your interaction with a local council, environmental agencies, community groups and other businesses may well determine your success.

Having an experienced legal expert on board from the beginning of your development can ensure that pitfalls will be avoided and that the project proceeds as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Legal issues arise at each point of a property development, especially the conceptual planning phase,  establishing body corporate schemes, leases, settlement of sales and all other elements up to completion.

Our legal service includes liaison with engineers, surveyors, town planners, body corporate managers and associated professional consultants.We also provide commercially relevant strategic advice on complex property transactions relating to structuring, acquisition, finance, and development of land and resources.

Would you benefit from talking to Patrick Sheridan for 10 minutes to resolve your most immediate property development questions? Patrick will review your situation and give you the practical advice you need right now.

The answer will help determine the best course of action for you, your family and your future.

Ask Patrick your questions today.