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Deceased Estates

You’ve lost a loved one. On top of struggling to come to terms with your loss, even if it was expected, you now have to attend to the issues of the deceased estate. Now you have to struggle to sort out finances, assets and all of the paperwork that comes with it. All of this is simply adding frustration and distress on top of your grief.

There are many factors to finalise when administering a deceased estate. The Executor of the Will has an important responsibility to administer the deceased estate, including:

  • Obtaining a death certificate and copy of the Will
  • Filing paperwork with the appropriate legal entities (such as banks) notifying them of the death
  • Filing Probate with the court
  • Filing final taxes for the deceased
  • Dividing the assets of the estate as outlined in the Will (once Probate has been granted)

In all cases, one of our legal team will help you through this difficult, emotional time. We understand that your loved one worked too hard for their money to disappear on legal and/or court fees. They wanted their assets to go to the people that they loved, the people important to them.

The last thing they or you want right now is someone contesting the Will.

Would you benefit from talking to Patrick Sheridan for 10 minutes to resolve your most immediate questions? Patrick will review your situation and give you the practical advice you need right now.

The answer will help determine the best course of action for you, your family and your future.

Ask Patrick your questions today.

“I would like to congratulate Sheridan Legal on the efficient and speedy approach employed by them to finalise my wife’s superannuation details. Until Sheridan Legal took over this matter I was being frustrated by the circumlocution tactics employed by the fund. I thoroughly recommend the efficient and friendly procedures employed by Sheridan Legal to any prospective clients” Kevin H (December 2017)

“This matter was handled really well. I would use the firm any time in the future” Eric H (November 2017)

“Thank you for all your help, understanding and courtesy in the estate matter, it was very much appreciated. You had a big job and you did it well” Fay J (February 2017)