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What happens if you die before paying off your mortgage?

Do you own property with a mortgage over it? What happens if you die before paying off the mortgage? Picture this: You bought a house on your own in your young, single days and took out a mortgage. You have recently married the woman of your dreams. However, you are now having concerns as you want to ensure she gets […]

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Loaning Money to a Friend – Not Always a Simple Repayment

You loaned money to someone and that person hasn’t paid you back – what should your next step be?  Your friend approached you a few months ago in need of some money. He was in a bad financial situation and had numerous bills to pay. He said that all of his money was tied up, but he would be receiving […]

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What is an executor?

One of the most important decisions when planning your estate is who your executor should be. What is an executor? An executor is an important role in your will. The person you choose as your executor handles all of your personal, business and financial affairs on your death. Their role is to respect your wishes and distribute your assets as […]

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Disputes with Neighbours

Disputes happen. Sometimes it’s over relatively small things (your yard is not your neighbor’s personal digging hole), however other times there are larger issues at stake (think dividing fences and overhanging trees). Disagreements between neighbours are particularly stressful as they can affect your enjoyment of your own home. We usually can’t avoid our neighbours, so it’s a good idea to […]

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Changes to Legislation, Gst, Developer

SELLING A NEW HOME – changes to legislation

Are you a developer? Legislation has changed in respect to the sale of new homes. In addition to normal contract requirements, an off the plan contract must include: A completed disclosure statement; A draft plan prepared by a registered surveyor, and Other draft documents, as set out in the new clause 4A of the Conveyancing (Sale Land) Regulation 2017. A […]

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Cyber security

Cyber security and our firm – what is all the fuss about?

Cyber security and client confidentiality plays a major role in our service to you. Whether we keep your details and dealings on paper or a computer – we need to ensure its security. Using up-to-date hardware and software is a good start in ensuring electronic data security. Law Firms have been targeted by cyber criminals for years. The most common […]

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New drink-driving penalties in effect in NSW

NSW low range drink-driving penalties changed on 20 May 2019. The changes deliver swifter, consistent and more certain penalties for drink-driving offences. WHAT HAS CHANGED? If caught driving with a blood alcohol reading in the low range (between 0.05% and 0.08%) as a first offence prior to 20 May 2019, a notice requiring you to attend local court would have […]

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GST law change for the purchase of new residential properties

Tax Laws have changed from 1 July 2018. What is the new Tax Law? Purchasers of new residential properties, where the vendor is registered for GST, are required to pay a portion of the purchase price directly to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) on or before settlement of the purchase. How much GST is payable? The purchaser will be required […]

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Our top 8 legal films and tv series

Our Top 8 Legal Films and TV Series

Here’s a little secret about our staff – we’re movie and TV series buffs! We’ve had a bit of fun compiling some of our all-time favourite legal films and TV series. 8. The Lincoln Lawyer What is it about? The Lincoln Lawyer is a 2011 American legal-thriller starring Matthew McConaughey as lawyer, Mickey Haller. Mickey Haller works out of his […]

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