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Are you having concerns about your commercial lease during the COVID-19 pandemic?

*Updated The Retail and Other Commercial Leases (Covid-19) Regulation 2020 has now commenced. The Regulation provides for good faith leasing principles to apply to commercial tenancies between landlords and tenants. Commercial tenancies include retail, office and industrial leases. In order for these leasing laws to apply to a tenant, the tenant must prove to their landlord that they meet the […]

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What you need to know about Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are popping up all over our suburbs. They offer a unique way of living out your senior years. Buying into a retirement village isn’t the same as buying a house. Rather than purchasing land and a house on the land, you may pay money for the right to occupy the property under a lease or loan arrangement or […]

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Family Law Consent Orders

If you are going through a separation, it is always beneficial if you can reach an amicable resolution with your former partner or spouse. The court system takes a lot of time, money, and stress that you can mitigate by coming to a decision together. The Family Court can make “orders by consent” if both parties are agreeable. The Family […]

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Witnessing documents during COVID-19

Witnessing documents is now possible by video link! Special measures for witnessing documents previously witnessed in person have been introduced due to COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic saw much of the world working remotely or behind closed doors. With the implementation of social distancing rules and our general desire to minimise contact with others meant that witnessing documents in the usual […]

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Wills and COVID-19

Australians are rushing to update their will amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The recent outbreak has affected us all. As a result, it has created a huge demand for people to make or update their will. Have you reviewed your will recently? If you have a will with us, give us a call to set up a time to review it. […]

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COVID-19 and the Local Court

COVID-19 has affected our courts with matters adjourned for lengthy periods to reduce numbers attending court. As we are all aware the strict restrictions put in place due to COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to every part of our lives. The court process and the criminal justice system have not been immune. Many matters have been adjourned for lengthy periods […]

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What happens if you die before paying off your mortgage?

Do you own property with a mortgage over it? What happens if you die before paying off the mortgage? Picture this: You bought a house on your own in your young, single days and took out a mortgage. You have recently married the woman of your dreams. However, you are now having concerns as you want to ensure she gets […]

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Loaning Money to a Friend – Not Always a Simple Repayment

You loaned money to someone and that person hasn’t paid you back – what should your next step be?  Your friend approached you a few months ago in need of some money. He was in a bad financial situation and had numerous bills to pay. He said that all of his money was tied up, but he would be receiving […]

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What is an executor?

One of the most important decisions when planning your estate is who your executor should be. What is an executor? An executor is an important role in your will. The person you choose as your executor handles all of your personal, business and financial affairs on your death. Their role is to respect your wishes and distribute your assets as […]

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