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Your offer has been accepted, now what?

You’ve found a property you love, made an offer and it’s been ACCEPTED! Congratulations!

So, what now?

One of the first questions the real estate agent will ask you is “who is your solicitor?”

When you purchase a property, the vendor’s solicitor will need to complete the contract and send the completed contract to your solicitor. Therefore, now is the time to decide on who you will want to act for you.

What service will my solicitor provide?

When you purchase a property your solicitor will not only handle the contract, they will also arrange the numerous reports required, such as pest & building reports and surveys. They will deal with your mortgagee and ensure all paperwork is completed and deal with any surprises.

Your solicitor is also there to give advice should any issues arise. What would you do if the pest report came back showing termites? Do you pull the pin or renegotiate the price? This is something your solicitor can help you with.

How much will this service cost?

It’s important to do your homework when getting quotes. Some firms will lure you in with a cheap rate with hidden costs. Many don’t factor in the additional costs of arranging reports and surveys and will charge extra for arranging these reports for you.

At Sheridan Legal we provide our clients with a full service from start to finish. This includes all those extra little tasks that may need to be performed in order to complete the transaction. We provide an upfront quote with no hidden extras for all of this work.

Call us to discuss your conveyancing needs and find out how we can help you when purchasing a property.

In our next blog we’ll discuss when you need to pay your deposit and what happens next.