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Making a will

One Important Way To Protect Your Child’s Future

Fact – Everyone currently working at Sheridan Legal is a parent.

To say we ‘get it’ when it comes to the pressures of being a parent is an understatement!

We all know our children come first!

As parents we worry about the early years. Their health, development & realising we are responsible for keeping this precious little baby alive.

The terrible two’s and threenagers will see you fighting for sanity over some of the most stubborn behaviour you’ll ever endure!

School starts and your child goes through a whole lot of growing up. Life gets even busier. Suddenly the threenager you thought you had yesterday is a REAL teenager. How are you dealing with that stubborn behaviour now?

It’s a hard and busy time in your life. Barely a moment to sleep, let alone plan for the unthinkable. But you need to!

If something happened to you and your partner tomorrow, who would look after your baby? Your toddler? Who would look after your teenager and ensure their best interests were still a priority?

NSW Road Toll for 2017 (last updated 27/06/17)
185 Lives lost in 2017
197 This time last year

Making a will is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

Your will is where you can appoint a guardian for your children. It ensures a stable future for them and peace of mind that the most suitable person will look after them. It’s not a decision you want the courts to decide. And it’s not a process you’d want your children to endure either.

Making a will is also an opportunity to ensure your children have a strong financial future.

In your will you can choose an appropriate age at which you can gift them a share of your estate. Their share will be held in trust until they reach a mature age. This might give them a down payment for their very own house – that’s a pretty special gift.

Making a will NEEDS to be a priority!

Contact us today to tick this important item off your “to do” list.

If getting to our office is hard, Patrick can arrange an in-home appointment with you.